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Electrical Intruders: Navigating The Impact of Dirty Electricity on Your Health and Sleep

Dirty electricity, often overlooked, can indeed have a significant impact on your health and sleep. If you’re perimenopausal or menopausal you may already be dealing with sleep issues, so it’s in your best interest to address environmental factors as well.  Let’s delve into this electrifying topic.

In simple terms, dirty electricity refers to the electrical pollution or interference generated by electronic devices and appliances in our homes. While we’re surrounded by the convenience of modern gadgets, the unseen effects on our well-being can be profound.

Picture this: your favorite electronic devices are like rock stars in a concert, each playing its own tune. However, when these devices are plugged in, they create a cacophony of electrical noise known as dirty electricity. This noise doesn’t just stay in the wires; it permeates our living spaces and, unfortunately, our bodies.

Now, let’s get a bit technical. Dirty electricity adds high-frequency voltage spikes to our home’s electrical system. These spikes can disturb the normal flow of electricity and create electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Research suggests that prolonged exposure to EMFs may disrupt our body’s natural processes, potentially impacting our sleep patterns and overall health.

To understand “Dirty Electricity” you also need to understand “Clean Electricity.” 

Clean Electricity

Clean electricity is what we typically envision when we think about power flowing through our homes. It’s the smooth, consistent flow of electrical current in a sinusoidal wave. This type of electricity adheres to a regular and predictable pattern, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply. Devices and appliances designed for clean electricity operate smoothly within this standardized flow, contributing to the seamless functioning of our electrical systems.

“Sinusoidal” refers to a specific type of waveform that represents the shape of the alternating current (AC) in our electrical systems. The term “sinusoidal” is derived from the mathematical function sine.

In a sinusoidal waveform, the flow of electric current oscillates back and forth in a smooth, regular pattern. Visually, it resembles a wave that repeats itself over time. The key characteristic of a sinusoidal waveform is its symmetry – the positive and negative halves of the wave mirror each other.

If you picture a sine wave on a graph, it starts from zero, rises to a positive peak, descends through zero to a negative peak, and then returns to zero. This cycle repeats continuously as the AC electricity flows through our power lines.

The sinusoidal waveform is essential for the efficient transmission and distribution of electrical power. Devices and appliances designed for use with AC electricity are engineered to operate within the parameters of this smooth and predictable wave. The regular pattern of the sinusoidal waveform ensures a stable and reliable supply of power to our homes, contributing to the seamless functioning of our electrical systems.

In contrast, disruptions to this smooth flow, as seen in dirty electricity, can introduce irregularities and affect the overall quality of the electrical signal. Understanding the sinusoidal nature of AC electricity helps to appreciate the ideal conditions for the reliable and safe operation of our electronic devices.

In summary, clean electricity is the smooth and regular flow we expect in our electrical systems, akin to a well-orchestrated musical performance. 

Dirty Electricity

On the other hand, dirty electricity introduces disruptions and irregularities, creating a discordant note in the symphony of our electrical grid and potentially impacting our health.  

When our bodies are exposed to this electrical chaos, especially during sleep, it can interfere with the production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles. Reduced melatonin levels may lead to difficulty falling asleep, restless nights, and even long-term sleep disorders.

Studies have also linked dirty electricity to various health concerns, including increased stress, headaches, and a compromised immune system. While the scientific understanding is evolving, it’s essential to consider reducing our exposure to dirty electricity.

So, what can you do? 

Start by identifying the major culprits in your home – devices with power adapters, LED lights, and smart appliances. Consider using filters like faraday fabric to cover your router/modem at night when you go to sleep to help clean up the electrical noise and minimize your exposure. A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials. Faraday cages are named after scientist Michael Faraday, who first constructed one in 1836.[1]

Additionally, creating a tech-free zone in your bedroom can make a significant difference in promoting a restful sleep environment. One of my favorite websites that has products and informative articles on how to decrease your exposure to dirty electricity is techwellness.com. One of the many health supportive items they have is an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) meter reader so you can check all the areas in your home that have the greatest amount of dirty electricity and fix it.  It’s actually easier than you think to minimize your exposure. 

Safe Cell Phone Tips

One of the first changes you can make to make your environment and body safer is to start with your cell phone. Avoid placing your cell phone next to your head when having a conversation. EMF from wireless devices is considered a Class 2B Possible Carcinogen by the WHO.  Thousands of studies link Wireless Radiation to Biological Effect. Instead of the cordless earbuds that so many people use, it’s better to use these anti-radiation air tube EMF safe headphones. Also do not wear your phone while you exercise. Place it in a bag or nearby but not on your body.  Many people I know keep their cell phones nearby, while they sleep. Not a great idea. When it’s bedtime, put your cellphone in another room and inside the faraday fabric or a faraday bag. This dramatically reduces EMF from your phone and away from you. 

The Invisible Rainbow 

The Invisible Rainbow; a History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg  is one of the most well written and researched books on the subject of electricity’s history and its  impact on people, plants and the environment. Here is a quote: “In 1889, full-scale electrification was carried out in the USA and, shortly thereafter, in Europe. That same year, as if by chance, doctors were inundated with cases of flu, which had until then appeared only infrequently. The victims’ symptoms were far more neurological in nature, resembling neurasthenia, and did not include respiratory disorders. The pandemic lasted for four years and killed at least a million people. In 2001, Canadian astronomer Ken Tapping showed that the influenza pandemics over the previous three centuries correlated with peaks in solar magnetic activity, on an 11- year cycle. It has also been found that some outbreaks of influenza spread over enormous areas in just a few days – a fact that is difficult to explain by contagion from one person to another. Also, numerous experiments seeking to prove direct contagion through close contact, droplets of mucus or other processes have proved fruitless.” As residents of planet earth, the relationship between environment and science has always been a topic worthy of pursuing. 

More Tips To Lessen Your EMF Exposure

I personally use a cell phone case from a company called Defender Shield that harmonizes the amount of radiation that my cell phone gives off. At night, I place my phone inside a faraday bag. Most people don’t realize that even when your phone is off, it still emits radiation.  I also have Shungite gemstones placed near my router and modem in my home. If you have a EMF meter you can see the reading will be higher before placing the Shungite next to the router/modem and then after the reading it will be much lower.

Shungite is known to be a natural water purifier and has been used in Russia to purify water since ancient times. Shungite comes from the region of Karelia in Russia It is also known to reduce oxidative stress, kill bacteria and shield against EMF emissions. Shungite is composed of 99% of carbon. The stone boasts a unique structure. It is composed of almost all the minerals on the periodic table, and contains what are known as fullerenes — spherical, hollow 3D molecules made up of 60 carbon atoms.  In one study done on Wisteria rats who were irradiated with high frequency electromagnetic radiation, Shungite significantly decreased the damage to the animals. To purify water, place several Shungite stones in a pitcher and leave overnight. Remove the stone(s) before drinking the water. The stones themselves are very reasonably priced depending upon which site you are on. I like the site Atmosure


While we can’t escape the electric symphony of our modern lives, being mindful of dirty electricity is a crucial step toward better health and quality sleep. So, let’s take charge of our electrical harmony and create a serene space for a peaceful night’s rest. Sweet dreams!

Look, Feel and Be Kuhle! 


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