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Kuhlebody helps you connect with the innate wisdom of your body so you can heal and restore yourself back into harmony. "As Within, So Without." Sign up for your complimentary 20 minute health coaching consultation!

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The Kuhle Body Difference

Kuhlebody helps menopausal women lose weight, increase muscle tone ,and improve their hormonal health through diet, fitness & lifestyle. We address menopausal challenges by getting to the root cause and use a holistic approach based on the laws and principles of nature.. Sign up for your complimentary 20 minute health coaching consultation! 


Knowledge is the proven power for bringing change.
With over twenty years in the fitness and wellness industry, I know what works and what doesn't. I also know what a hot flash feels like and how diet, lifestyle and exercise helps to ease those transitions in a woman's life.


A multi-faceted natural approach for well being.
When we use and apply what comes from nature and get back to basics, order can more easily be restored to the mind, body and spirit. All three aspects of health are essential to our wellbeing and happiness.


No woman is an island, there is strength in community.
Lasting change is a process and requires patience, consistency and commitment. As your menopause health and fitness coach, I'm here to support you, celebrate your wins and keep you accountable. Together we are a team.


Your body is your temple;  home of the soul. If you don't take care of it, where are you going to live? 

Kuhlebody health and fitness coaching for menopausal women provides the recipe for success.  It's a trifecta of regular exercise,  a whole foods based diet and meditation (find a simple practice that resonates with you). 

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Kuhlebody is a project of Vidya Ministerium, a faith based, Private Membership Association.  Services are available to members only.  We are always accepting new members.  Read the PMA Declaration.