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Have you noticed that weight loss is more difficult since you entered menopause?

Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep?

Are you easily distracted and / or forget the names of common every day items, otherwise known as brain fog?

Do you have hot flashes and/or night sweats?

Have you tried a variety of exercise methods with barely any changes in muscle tone / body composition?
Between the mid forties to mid-fifties is the time when many women begin to notice changes in their body that can make them unhappy and lose their confidence. Exercise, lifestyle and nutrition are a powerful trifecta that work together to help keep all the systems of your body functioning at optimum level.   Each one maximizes the results of the other.
Who is the face of KuhleBody?
Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Sharon and I created KuhleBody, a health coaching site for menopausal women
Before I share a little about me,  I'd like to start off by telling you the story behind the name KUHLEBODY. 

I have to say that finding a domain you love is no easy task these days.  Everything I wanted was either taken or someone was charging thousands of dollars for it! The idea of paying more for a domain than my rent was ridiculous!

I persevered and got creative.

My intuition told me to look at foreign languages, so I did and then I experienced "Divine Inspiration." I swear, this was a magical moment because I knew and felt deep in my gut that I had at last (after a year) found my domain. Naming a website is a lot like a dating. Eventually, you will find the right one. 
This is my story...
A late bloomer, I got married at forty and became pregnant at forty-two (no drugs). The pregnancy was easy and I had a normal delivery that resulted in a healthy baby girl at the age of forty-three. I worked out during the entire pregnancy lifting weights and walking on the treadmill. Within six weeks or so, my body bounced back to pre-baby weight and shape.

Enter peri-menopause. My menstrual cycles became more sporadic and I began to experience hot flashes and night sweats here and there. I like to call it middle age adolescence, but without the pimples. Even though it's a temporary transition, I wanted to learn more about hormonal wellness to improve my own. I became a certified health coach through Precision Nutrition, and took other courses in nutrition, wellness and hormonal health to deepen my knowledge base.
I learned how a whole foods based diet, lifestyle, meditation, eliminating environmental toxins/pollutants, surrounding oneself with supportive relationships and consistent exercise helps to decrease, eliminate or manage some of the  changes I was going through. It definitely makes a difference. 
Armed with education, years of experience, both professionally and in life,  I created KuhleBody.com. This site is dedicated to helping menopausal women learn the best practices for deep health, fitness and nutrition, as they embark on this exciting new journey in their lives.

I look forward to helping you Feel, Look & Be Kuhle!
How I can help you.
how can kuhlebody make a difference in your health & fitness?
KuhleBody health coaching helps, educates and supports you to make healthier choices over time that become positive lifelong habits that include, but are not limited to nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle.  

Health coaching is considered preventative care, so it's important to have tools to advocate for your own wellbeing.  Women often put themselves last and if you have family to take care of, then it's imperative to put yourself first. We lead by example, and if you can't function, how can you expect your family to thrive?
More energy
Decrease in medication or getting off medication
Reduced stress
Reduction or complete absence of inflammation
Glowing healthier skin, hair and nails
Better sleep
Decrease or cessation of hot flashes / night sweats
Regular bowel movements
Weight loss
Mental clarity
Improved blood sugar regulation
Join KuhleBody and reclaim your health.
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