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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Choosing Face Yoga Over Botox for Timeless Beauty


Confession time – I dabbled in both Botox and filler about eight years ago, and sure, it gave me a confidence boost. But let’s be real, there’s that moment of panic when you think, “What if the surgeon sneezes mid-needle plunge?” Thankfully, no droopy eyelids for me, but I’ve heard tales. 

The choice for cosmetic work is personal. After a stint with Botox, the tiny chance of side effects nudged me towards a different path.

Maintaining your looks is like keeping up a chic haircut. Short haircuts cost, and so does Botox. RealSelf.com says Botox in NYC can set you back $798, and fillers range from $1,474 to $4,000. Prices vary with city size, number of areas treated and practitioner fame.


Menopause or not, we all want to age gracefully. Forget trying to be 18 again (Has anyone seen Madonna lately?), the goal is to look naturally refreshed.

The photo of Madonna (63 years of age) below is  the unfortunate result of a combination of too much plastic surgery, facial fillers and botox.

Your aging process is influenced by diet, sleep, stress, and lifestyle. Ever seen the difference between a well-rested face and one battling insomnia? Sleep matters for hormonal health too. 

Enter May 2023, where Instagram introduced me to Face Yoga, a workout for your face! Valeriia Veksler, a former nurse, spilled the beans on facial symmetry secrets. Face Yoga draws inspiration from the Traditional Chinese Method (Gua Sha). Gua Sha uses gentle pressure on the body with tools often made from the precious stone, jade.  Veksler, with her nursing background, delves into the anatomy of the face, making it more than just exercises – it’s a science.

Face Yoga isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Veksler’s exercises tackle wrinkles and laxity, with a focus on areas like eye bags and nasolabial creases. Daily commitment is the key – five to thirty exercises, thirty seconds each. Morning sessions work wonders for me, depuffing after a night’s sleep.

And yes, there’s a commitment, but it’s worth it. There are books on the topic like “Face Fitness” by Patricia San Pedro and an actual Face Gym dedicated to the business of taking your face to workout with locations in London, Manchester, New York, Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles. Now that’s a complete body workout! 

Picking a Face Yoga teacher? Choose wisely. Delicate face skin deserves a gentle, not forceful hand. I’ve stuck with Face Yoga since May, making it a part of my health routine.

Try a 30-day challenge – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

With the holidays closely upon us, this week and next week’s posts may be a little shorter than usual. Nevertheless, it’s my intention to provide you with engaging material that you may find of interest and help improve the quality of your life. 

Check out these before and afters. I’m included in the roundup of photos of women who have taken up Face Yoga.

That’s me (on the left – the photo is un-retouched) 4 years ago, before doing face yoga. That’s me on the right a little below in an un-retouched photo taken one month ago after 7 1/2 months of daily face yoga.  What I’ve noticed is a slight change in facial shape/jawline, the eyes are more open and the top lip doesn’t disappear. I don’t mind doing some maintenance but one that doesn’t come with a hefty price in both the cost to my health with potential side effects and my wallet.


Here are more before and after photos of women who are doing face yoga. Notice how the under eye area and jawline improves which is where we can see the signs of aging. As I mentioned in a few paragraphs back, your nutrition and lifestyle have a major impact on your appearance, so that’s a good place to make positive changes as well. 

Have a great week and may you always look, feel and be Kuhle!





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